Week 2: Red Paddle Co

For week 2, our assignment was to put myself in the role of a business owner who is thinking about starting a new online business that would be very similar to Red Paddle Co who sells inflatable, stand up paddleboards. We are required to discuss the type of business model we would use for the business, who our customers would be, and offer three marketing strategies for getting the website out to the world.

Business Model
As a company that is selling paddle boards, I would start out my business with an online store where my customers could purchase directly from my website.  This would be a Business to Consumer (B2C) model.  I would also be looking to quickly expand to have my product sold at a brick and mortar retailer like REI which would be Business to Business (B2B) model.

Customer Demographics
I would anticipate that the bulk of purchasers would likely be male adults age 25-35 and who make $30-$75k/year.  I suspect they would mostly be male purchasers; guys who are buying for themselves and for their significant other or family members.  They would be people who love the outdoors and are already involved in several other outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking.  They would also be in areas with easy access to water (lakes, rivers, or ocean).

Marketing Ideas

  • High Quality Website:  My first avenue for marketing would be having a high quality website that is easy to navigate and is full of visually stimulating photos and graphics.  I know that in the last several years, Google has changed their algorithm to focus less on keywords (Google doesn’t use metatag keywords in it’s rankings) and more on high quality content (which is going to produce more links on it’s own).  The website would therefore be focused on high quality content but at the same time, I would still utilize relevant SEO wording throughout the site.Secure Online store:  A secure online store would obviously be vital to sales and having a secure SSL Certificate on the site will boost the website rankings with Google.  For each individual product on the store I would include as much detailed information about the individual product as possible.Mobile friendly:  These days you MUST have a mobile friendly website because the majority of people are searching for product on their mobile devices and tablets.
  • Sell on Amazon:  Being a retailer on Amazon is a great opportunity to increase sales.
  • Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube are excellent tools to get people to know about your business and get the word out.  In order to be most successful with it I would need high quality graphics and imagery that is appealing and stands out.  I love how REI has incredibly informative instructional videos on YouTube.  They show how to properly pack your hiking backpack, how to set up a tent, etc.  I would use this same idea to create videos to share on the various social media platforms.
  • Contest/Giveaway:  I would consider using a few different contest ideas for promoting my website on Social Media platforms.Post sharing giveaway:  “Share this page and be entered to win a $100 gift certificate.”  I have learned about more companies through Social Media by using this type of giveaway than any other method.  People love to get a deal so they are happy to share your site if they think they will get something for free or a serious discount.  One company that I follow, Dene Adams, does this on a very regular basis and I have watched their business grow exponentially over the last two years.#hashtag:   Create a contest in which customers post a photo or video of themselves using the paddleboards with a company hashtag like #redpaddleco.

In the long run, I would be looking to connect with a company like REI to get my boards in their stores and participate in some of their events.



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Week 1: Promoting the 5K Tiki Beach Run

Each week our marketing class is given an assignment to post to our blog.  This week I’m asked to tell how I would use online marketing to promote a 5k Run/Walk called the Tiki Beach Run, which happens to be a real even that will be taking place on August 21st.

Ensure Graphical Content Availability:  I would start first by insuring that I have access to any graphical flyers and visual promotional materials that have been created for the event. It is vital to have good imagery to promote the event because, particularly with social media, people generally prefer to see images than simply read text.

Tiki-Beach-Logo-650x294Social Media Promotion: I would then use those materials to post information about the event on as many social media sites as possible, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and in local groups and pages.

My next step would be to have individuals, news organizations, and related companies share the post on their social networks, hoping to tap into their sphere of influence as well.  The website for the Tiki Beach Run states that the run is in conjunction with the Long Beach Polynesian festival.  I would seek to have the organizers of that event to also share the information about the 5k on their social media pages.

I would also remember that it is important to engage with people who ask questions on Social Media to make it more personal, so paying attention to notifications

Website:  If there wasn’t already a website, I would ensure that one was created and make sure that it was mobile device friendly.  All of the details would be posted on the site and there would also be a way for people to register and pay for the event online.  Optimizing SEO well in advance of the event would assist in ensuring that the page comes up early on the search engines.  The website would also need to be updated after the event to promote the next year’s event.

There should also be a specific email account for the event as well.tiki

Email Marketing:  Assuming that this isn’t the first time this event has occurred, I would use the list of previous participants and do an email campaign.  The emails would be sent several times over the course of several weeks to get the best saturation to my target audience.

These would be my first steps for promoting the event.  Can you think of additional ways that you would use online marketing to promote the event?


Welcome to My Blog!

I am a student at Pierce College and have created this blog as part of my online marketing class.  I’m excited to learn and develop how to utilize blogging as a marketing tool. I actually created this blog several years ago when I was involved in a network marketing business but I never even created a single post. Good intentions are great if you actually do something with them.

I will be updating the page with graphics and customization in the coming weeks.  But for now, this is a good start.

I thought I would share one of my favorite blogs.  I started following Rachel’s blog, Grasping for Objectivity in My Subjective Life, when I got involved with the aforementioned network marketing business selling blingy jeans. This particular post is probably my all time favorite post of hers.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Thank you for joining me in this journey of learning and developing my blogging skills.