Week 8 Post 2: Reflections on Blogging

For our second blogging assignment this week, we are to reflect on our experience with creating and posting to a blog.

What has been the biggest challenge of writing a blog this quarter?  My biggest challenge is as it always has been….finding time to actually do a blog post.   I had a blog in the past but didn’t utilize it much. So my experience was minimal at best. I found this quarter that I really like blogging and sharing my thoughts about a topic. However, it is very difficult to find time to post to a blog on a regular basis. This was always the one thing that held me back from regular blog maintenance in the past.
What did you learn from the experience of blogging that you think will be useful to you in the future?  I think that having had the experience of writing a blog I will  be able to know how to implement one in a future business setting.  My husband’s business could really benefit from regular blog maintenance.  We have an employee who writes very well and has done some blogging for the business, but I think it would be a boost to the business to have more posts.  I think for clients that love music this would be something they would value.

The question now is, will I continue to post to my blog in the future.  If I’m honest, I think I likely won’t do it regularly.  But I’m glad I have the medium set up in case I change my mind.


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