Week 7: Starbucks – How I became a loyal customer

Sbux logo on glassThis week’s assignment is to talk about how a company or business has managed to personalize my experience either online or in their brick and mortar store.  What do they do that makes me want to come back again and again?

I am a Northwest girl and everyone knows that we Northwesterners love our coffee! Go into any town in the Pacific Northwest and you will find a coffee stand/shop on nearly every corner.  BUT…even with a coffee stand at the end of the street, I still choose to get into my car and drive to Starbucks instead.  Why?

Quality and Consistency in both the product and the service they offer.  I know that every time I go into a Starbucks store, whether it’s in Seattle or Thailand, I will get exactly what I expect and my coffee will taste the same every single time.  That is something that I really value.  And although their prices might be a higher than other places, that consistency makes me willing to pay the extra money to get a quality product and predictable experience.  

sbux no time no lineStarbucks Rewards:  Starbucks rewards their loyal
customers through their Rewards Program. As a Gold Member, I am able to receive free drinks (or food items) after earning a certain number of points.  I use my gold card every time I order at the store or online because I definitely want those points!

Order Online with the Starbucks App:  The one downside to Starbucks is that they can
sometimes have a long line and if I am in a hurry, that will prevent me from getting my coffee.  Solution:  Order through the Starbucks App and it’s waiting for me when I get there.  I get to skip the line!  SUPER convenient!


Those are a few reasons why I am loyal to Starbucks.  Now I think I want a latte…


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